Base Layers

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Pantalon de couche de base
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Couche de base - Top manches longues à encolure creuse
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Base layer clothing is an essential component of staying warm and dry in cold or wet working conditions. These garments are designed to be worn underneath your regular work clothes and serve to manage moisture by wicking sweat away from the skin. By keeping you dry, base layer clothes help regulate your body temperature and prevent you from feeling cold and uncomfortable, even in challenging weather conditions.

Thermal shirts and pants are key components of a proper layering system for cold weather work environments. By wearing thermal base layers, you create a moisture-wicking barrier between your skin and outer layers, ensuring that sweat is efficiently transported away from your body. This helps you stay dry and comfortable throughout your workday, allowing you to remain focused and productive even in harsh conditions.

Investing in high-quality base layer clothing is essential for staying warm, dry, and comfortable in cold or wet working environments. With the right thermal shirts and pants, you can effectively manage moisture and regulate your body temperature, enabling you to work safely and efficiently regardless of the weather conditions.