Soudage et fabrication

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Gants Delta Force pour soudeur, contre les impacts doublure tricoté en Kevlar🅫 et ThinsulateMC
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Gant Delta Force pour soudeur contre les impacts avec doublure en tricot de Kevlar
Prix régulier $34.99 Prix réduit $24.49
Gant de soudage Tig en peau de mouton
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Gants Delta Force pour soudeur, en cuir fleur de chèvre cousus doublés de Kevlar🅫
Prix régulier $23.99 Prix réduit $16.79
Deer Grain Unlined Welder with Gusset

Fabrication and welding gloves are crucial for the safety and protection of workers across a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, automotive, construction, and metalworking. These gloves, particularly those made from Kevlar, offer substantial defense against high temperatures, sparks, and additional hazards encountered when working with metals or other materials, all while helping to maintain cleanliness during detailed tasks.

Hi Vis Safety’s fabrication gloves are meticulously designed to deliver the utmost in protection while still ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. Constructed from durable, high-quality materials, they provide excellent abrasion resistance and fire-retardant capabilities. The snug fit of the gloves not only reduces sweating but also promotes proper air circulation, reducing the likelihood of skin irritation and enhancing overall hand comfort during extended periods of use.