Fire Resistant Clothing

FR Hoodie, with Detachable Hood
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Lightweight Fire Resistant (FR) Hi Vis Safety Rain Jacket
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3-Piece Yellow PVC Rainsuit with Fire Resistant Coating
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Leather Welding Jacket
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Fire Resistant (FR) 5-Point Tear-away Hi Vis Safety Vest
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Lightweight Fire Resistant (FR) Hi Vis Safety Rain Overalls
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Hi Vis Fire Resistant Long Rain Coat
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Women's Cotton FR/ARC Coverall

Fire-resistant apparel plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of firefighters, industrial workers, and those on oil rigs. These garments are crafted from materials that can shield the wearer from flames, intense heat, and electric arcs often present in high-risk work settings.

Designed to self-extinguish upon exposure to fire or extreme temperatures, these fabrics are essential for preventing burns and other injuries. Additionally, many of these flame-resistant outfits are enhanced with high-visibility features, including reflective strips, making the wearer conspicuous in low-light conditions or amidst smoke.

Explore our range of high-visibility, fire-resistant clothing, constructed from robust and dependable fabrics that adhere to stringent safety protocols. Wear our gear with confidence, knowing it's designed to offer you maximum protection against hazardous elements.