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CSA 3 Piece Hi Vis Rain Suit
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Hi Vis Fire Resistant Long Rain Coat
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Hi Vis Safety Rain Overall
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Lightweight Fire Resistant (FR) Hi Vis Safety Rain Jacket
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Lightweight Fire Resistant (FR) Hi Vis Safety Rain Overalls
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When working outdoors in wet or rainy conditions, ensuring both safety and visibility is paramount. That's why hi-vis rainwear is an essential component of your personal protective equipment (PPE). Whether you're on a construction site, in an oil field, at a mining operation, or attending an outdoor event, Hi Vis Safety offers the perfect solution to keep you safe and visible.

Our range of hi-vis rain jackets provides superior protection against the elements while ensuring high visibility. Constructed from durable, waterproof fabric that resists tearing, these garments feature sealed seams for maximum water resistance. With various options available, including lightweight and breathable styles as well as heavy-duty industrial-grade fabrics, you can find the perfect hi-vis rainwear to suit your outdoor needs.

Stay safe and visible in wet and rainy conditions with Hi Vis Safety's hi-vis rainwear, designed to keep you protected and seen even in the harshest weather.