Hi-Vis Apparel

Deluxe Pullover Safety Hoodie
Hi Vis Safety Surveyor's Vest
Hi Vis Safety Freezer Jacket
Hi Vis Winter Safety Overall
Hi Vis Safety Rain Overall

Ensure your safety and visibility on the job with our range of high-visibility clothing, compliant with the CSA Z96-15 standard. Our collection spans jackets, parkas, T-shirts, traffic vests, pants, hoodies, overalls, coveralls, rainwear, and an extensive assortment of hi-vis garments suitable for every season. Optimize your visibility by layering pieces to elevate from Class 2 to Class 3 visibility standards, thanks to our broad selection of hi-vis safety apparel.

Our offerings are crafted to deliver unmatched comfort, protection, and style, catering to the rigorous demands of our users. Equipped with breathable fabrics, reflective stripes for heightened visibility, waterproofing for adverse weather conditions, and durable materials, our hi-vis safety attire ensures you're well-prepared for any task. We source our materials from reputable suppliers to guarantee each piece of clothing meets our stringent quality benchmarks.

Designed with lightweight materials to promote air circulation and regulate body temperature, our hi-vis wear keeps you cool and comfortable in warm climates and shielded from cold winds in lower temperatures. Durable enough to withstand the rigors of construction sites, outdoor work, and sector-specific tasks like mining or forestry, our hi-vis clothing is built to last under tough conditions.