Waste Management Gloves

Split Leather Work Gloves, Standard Grade
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Chemical Resistant Gloves, Orange PVC Coated, Knit Wrist

Disposing of waste is now safer than ever with Hi Vis Safety's waste management gloves, specifically engineered for maximum safety, comfort, and protection during the handling of hazardous waste materials. These gloves feature a water-resistant lining, ensuring your hands stay dry even under wet conditions. Additionally, the puncture-resistant exterior provides secure handling of sharp items, enhancing your safety during waste disposal.

Crafted with an ergonomic design, these gloves offer a snug, comfortable fit, while the lightweight material enhances dexterity and flexibility, crucial for managing waste materials effectively. Hi Vis Safety’s waste management gloves are the perfect choice for professionals in the waste management sector or anyone who regularly deals with hazardous materials and seeks to do so safely.