First Aid Kits

Ontario Regulation 5, First Aid Kit
Quebec Regulation Section 5, First Aid Kit
British Columbia, Basic, First Aid Kit
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Manitoba 25 Worker, First Aid Kit
Alberta, Type P, First Aid Kit

Ensuring the safety of the workplace involves equipping it with essential tools, such as first aid kits, which are crucial in protecting your employees. The Canadian Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) guidelines advise that all work environments should have adequately stocked first aid kits to address minor medical emergencies promptly. The scale of jobsite first aid kits can vary, from compact versions designed for individual use to more extensive sets equipped to deal with multiple incidents.

Hi Vis Safety provides an extensive array of first aid kits tailored to comply with COSH standards. Specifically, our construction first aid kits are ideally suited for workplaces with higher risks of falls, like construction sites, featuring items like burn cream, bandages, and splints for immediate care of minor injuries. Available in various sizes, our kits also include essential supplies such as adhesive tape and trauma dressings to cater to different needs and situations.