About us

Forcefield protective gloves & apparel are made for everything this vast country throws at workers over the seasons. Designed to stand up to tough weather conditions and perform to rigorous safety standards, Forcefield workwear and PPE garments are engineered for Canada. There’s a history of functional product development in this extensive range of safety supplies and performance wear. It’s the attention to detail that makes this line stand out.

  • Intelligent engineering on original PPE garments and workwear not available from other brands
  • Innovative design with attention to functional detail, developed with the needs of Canadian workers in mind
  • On-trend and market-responsive
  • All products meet or exceed safety standards

Social impact matters to us:

Because we care about the impact that factories have on local communities, people from Forcefield visit suppliers in Asia frequently to understand living and working conditions as it monitors health, safety and security issues to meet international standards.

Forcefield has helped a factory in Cambodia exceed international labour and safety standards, working with them over a period of 12-14 years to improve conditions. This factory now has doctors and nurses on staff, a daycare, no underage workers and a process for dispute resolution. The commitment to this factory has created a healthy, thriving local business in a town, rather than in a remote location that workers have to travel to, benefiting the whole community.