"49th Parallel" Thinsulate Lined, Patch Palm Grain Leather Work Gloves


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The "49th Parallel" work gloves are designed with a lightweight 100 gram Thinsulate liner for insulation against the cold and moisture absorption. Made from grain leather for superior abrasion resistance and low-level water resistance in damp conditions. The economical patch palm design, constructed from three pieces of scrap leather, offers the same performance as one-piece leather palm gloves while saving on raw materials.
  • Lightweight 100 gram Thinsulate liner provides insulation from cold and absorbs moisture from perspiration.
  • Grain leather is a great source of abrasion resistance and will provide low-level water resistance when working in damp conditions.
  • A patch palm glove is sewn from 3 pieces of scrap leather. This saves money in raw materials while providing the same performance as a one-piece leather palm work glove.


  • Industrial
  • Ranching
  • Truck drivers
  • Construction
  • Farm equipment