"Knifehandler" White HPPE Cut Resistant Glove, Ambidextrous, Cut Level 5


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The "Knifehandler" White HPPE Cut Resistant Glove is ambidextrous and offers Cut Level 5 protection. Featuring 13gg machine-knitted, non-metallic construction with HPPE yarn for superior cut resistance. The yarn molds naturally to reduce hand fatigue, while the seamless, reversible design increases durability and versatility. These gloves are also launderable for repeated use.
  • Cut Resistant Glove - SOLD BY THE EACH GLOVE
  • 13gg. Machine knitted non-metallic glove
  • HPPE yarn for excellent cut resistance
  • Yarn molds naturally to reduce hand fatigue
  • Seamless and reversible
  • Ambidextrous
  • Launderable

  • Food preparation
  • Commercial fishing
  • Handling casting, cores, metal fabrication, glass, and lumber
  • Servicing and Maintaining metalworking machines and equipment